Què és un procés constituent?

Catalan society shares a democratic yearning expressed in the overwhelming support for the right to decide, and will to vote on, its political future. This desire, which can be shaped in different ways, agrees to place the public at the core of democracy. The opening of a constituent process is a key element to achieve this, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in the design of a better country.

An open, transparent , participatory and inclusive process aiming to define the constituent bases of a new country is the best way to project ourselves into the future as a nation with its own voice and wills. Much of Catalan society wishes to leave behind the stage characterized by the Statute of Autonomy and to rethink itself thoroughly. For some, independence is the best tool to achieve this goal. It is not so for others. But there is a large consensus for deciding everything, for building the Catalonia that we want.

This is a constituent process in which citizens and their representatives deliberate together in a new democratic culture suitable for the 21st century.

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