Què és Reinicia Catalunya?

The debate on the structure of a new country has begun. The general public has started it in different ways with debates on the founding process and the country that is wanted or on drafts of possible constitutional texts.

Catalonia Reactivates wants to bring together all the initiatives that have already emerged (and the ones that may emerge in the future) to coordinate and promote them and to show the potential that the public’s political participation has in the design of a new state. We want to increase the number of people who believe that a new country not only has to be new, but also has to be better. And regardless of what their proposal is for it fitting within an international stage or within the Spanish framework.

In fact, we believe that this is the first phase of what we might call a constituent convention, (which has already begun); an open, transparent, participatory and inclusive process for defining the constitutional basis of a new country.