Qui l’impulsa?

So far, the group promoting Catalonia Reactivates has been made up of organizations, entities or associations that have either already promoted discussions about the basis of a new state, or have proposed constitutional drafts, or have promoted a methodology for the constitutional process and the drafting of the constitution. The wish of everybody involved is to expand this initial group to include everyone who wishes to participate actively in the definition of the constituting and constitutional bases of a new country.

Organizations (in alphabetical order) forming part of the initial group are:

  • Assemblea Nacional Catalana
  • Drassanes per la República catalana
  • El País que Volem
  • Fundació Llibreria Les Voltes
  • Grup Promotor per a la Convenció Constitucional
  • Juristes per la Independència
  • La Consti
  • La Marxa Som
  • Òmnium Cultural
  • Parlament Ciutadà
  • Procés Constituent
  • Sobirania i Justícia
  • Súmate
Assemblea.cat El país que volem Òmnium Cultural Procés Constituent La Consti Súmate